Tears through the toughest tasks

New product enhancements make the Model 567 even more rugged, reliable, versatile and comfortable.

A large windshield and cab-mounted mirrors allow more visibility in every direction.

A configurable interface with critical truck system information, advanced alerts and monitoring, including backup warnings, seat belt alarms, tire pressure monitoring, programmable safety interlocks and lane departure warning systems.

Peterbilt Model 567 Trucks at Work Site

An engine for every body

The Peterbilt Model 567 comes with a wide range of engines. Select from fuel-efficient diesels known for their unsurpassed strength, reliability and performance, including the PACCAR MX-13, PACCAR MX-11, PACCAR PX-9 and Cummins X15, or the near-zero emissions natural gas Cummins ISX12N and Cummins L9N.

The PACCAR MX-13 and PACCAR MX-11 incorporate a combination of technology and innovations that improve fuel economy, enhance uptime and feature low cost of service. Both engines employ variable speed engine components and optimized combustion that help achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels, and provide exceptional reliability and proven performance, including:

  • Excellent Fuel Economy: With ratings of up to 510 hp and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque, fuel economy without compromise is one reason the PACCAR engines continue to gain popularity in the heavy-duty market
  • Low Cost of Service: 75,000-mile oil change interval
  • Weight Savings: PACCAR MX-13 engine has 450-lb. weight savings over 15L engines, and the MX-11 provides 300-lb. weight savings over 13L engines
  • Superior Performance & Quiet Operation: Broad torque curves for less shifting and quiet operation
  • PACCAR PX-9 has a high power-to-weight ratio, enhancing durability, efficiency and lowering operating costs
  • PACCAR’s automated transmission, TX-18, offers exceptional drivability in all conditions, making vehicles more productive and safer on tough jobsites
  • Shifting is effortless, quick and quiet as the transmission selects the best gear for each driving condition
  • Intelligent features enable drivers to focus on the job and drive confidently with both hands on the wheel
  • SmartLINQ™ technology monitors fleet health 24/7 using 750+ engine and aftermarket diagnostic codes, ensuring peak performance for the fleet

The new PACCAR TX-12 PRO automated transmission is designed to be versitile and efficient, while also remaining tough and durable. It is engineered to operate with engines that have up to 1,000 lbs.-ft. of torque and a maximum Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of 70,000 lbs. 

More TX-12 Pro Features and Benefits include:

  • Dual PTO functionality to power multiple hydraulic devices simultaneously
  • New Extreme Duty Clutch for improved low-speed maneuvering with higher loads
  • Rock Free Mode helps rock the truck free from mud, sand or snow
  • Off-Highway Calibration enables shift points that are tuned for changing off-highway conditions with a bias toward shifting less often
  • Secondary Configuration for a tailored driving experience that accounts for toggling between two calibrations for the load or terrain
PACCAR Transmission Isolated

Every detail is purposefully crafted

The wide aluminum cab does more than provide more cabin space, it features stair-style steps, a one-piece windshield and sloped hood, and redesigned side mirrors with large, heated mirror surfaces. Peterbilt’s signature, pod-mounted headlamps are durable, corrosion-resistant and simple to replace.

Key exterior features:

  • The 3-Piece Metton® Hood: Lightweight, strong, impact resistant and opens to a full 90 degrees for easier access and serviceability
  • Enhanced Visibility: With Model 567’s pod-mounted headlamps and sloped Metton hood
  • Stainless Steel Crown and Grille: Strong and corrosion resistant to protect critical engine components
  • Aluminum Cab: Meets the most severe testing requirements while providing a lightweight solution that increases payload
  • High-Capacity Frame: Constructed of durable steel and cast aluminum crossmembers

The Model 567 comes standard with 6S6M Anti-Lock Brakes for added safety during hard braking, helping to prevent wheel slippage and lockup.

A comfortable workspace awaits

The optimized driver environment combines durability with comfort and functionality. The redesigned dash provides a more ergonomic and comfortable workspace, including a 15-inch digital display, new switches and an updated steering wheel with controls for easy operation that help drivers keep their eyes on the road.

Peterbilt Model 567 Interior Dashboard

The Model 567 UltraLow Roof Day Cab features an industry best 95” roof height from the factory, and is the premier solution for car carrier applications.

  • 95” Overall Roof Height – Best-In-Class
  • Outstanding visibility with a large windshield and side view mirrors
  • Lightweight & Fuel Efficient PACCAR Powertrain
  • Probilt Interior with a configurable 7” Digital Display
  • Available suite of safety systems including collision mitigation, stability control and side object detection.
Peterbilt Model 567 Car Carrier Interior

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