Haul all day

The Peterbilt Model 220EV provides a zero-emissions solution for clean, efficient operation. It is perfect for pickup, delivery, regional hauling, food and beverage. The Model 220EV is designed for driver comfort and productivity and features enhanced visibility, superior maneuverability and a spacious interior.

Peterbilt Model 220EV Drives on Small Town Street

Engineered for optimal weight distribution and performance

The electric powertrain is equipped with a midship mounted electric drive motor and two thermally-controlled battery packs. The direct-drive midship mounted motor sends power to the rear axle via driveshaft while the power electronics cradle sits under the cab where an engine would reside. The cradle includes the battery disconnect controls, vehicle software, cab heaters, air compressor and a converter, which provides 12-volt power to all other electronics, including lights and gauges.

Ghosted Peterbilt Model 220EV Showing Drivetrain

The blue accents say, "It's all green"

The Model 220EV’s cab over configuration and single rear axle allow for a tight turning radius that's ideal for confined city spaces. The charge port can be conveniently located behind the cab or behind the rear axle for pull through or back in charging facilities. The Model 220EV has a unique grille with blue accents, nose piece and electric vehicle badges on the doors make the Model 220's EV status easy to recognize.

Visibility is clearly our focus

The spacious interior features a wrap-around dash and ample storage overhead. 90-degree door openings make for easy entry, while an expansive windshield, side windows and large mirrors provide excellent visibility. 

The Model 220EV uses an enhanced gauge cluster and B-panel screen to clearly communicate all the information required for the driver to operate the electric vehicle. At a glance, operators are able to view the vehicle's power output, charge level, HVAC energy usage, range and more.


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