Do more on a single charge

The Peterbilt Model 520EV is designed as a zero emissions commercial and residential refuse solution.

It can handle up to 1,100 trash bins on a single charge.

The 520EV utilizes regenerative braking, which allows frequent stops to benefit the vehicle.

During each stop, the Model 520EV transfers energy into its battery packs, resulting in an extended operating range and reduced brake pad wear.

Peterbilt Model 520EV Drives on Tree-lined Street

The perfect combination of power and efficiency

The Model 520EV features a powertrain that combines power and efficiency.

Instead of an engine, the 520EV is powered by batteries that drive the e-axles.

The e-axles are equipped with two-speed gearing and a 2:1 hub reduction, enabling excellent start-ability and efficient cruising.

Regenerative braking is utilized to recharge the batteries, maximizing the 520EV’s range.

The engine cradle area, which typically houses the engine, contains various components such as power electronics, battery disconnect controls, on-board vehicle AC charger, cab heater and air compressor.

Ghosted Peterbilt Model 520EV Showing Drivetrain

Lighting the way to a greener earth

The Model 520EV offers many of the great exterior features found in all models of the 520. It is available in all four driving configurations, including right-hand stand-up, left-hand or right-hand drive and dual seated drive. It also utilizes the same LED headlamps for class-leading forward illumination and pantograph wipers for efficient windshield cleaning.

It is distinguishable as an electric vehicle with a custom grille and door badges.

The Model 520EV also can be had with two different high-voltage battery configurations and pre-installed frame brackets for seamless body integration.

Comfortably keeping the operator in full control

  • The Model 520EV utilizes an enhanced gauge cluster to provide clear and comprehensive information about the vehicle, including power output, charge level, auxiliary power output, service indicators and more
  • Regenerative braking can be adjusted to three different settings based on load and road conditions via a dash mounted switch


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