Part of a Long Line of Icons

Part of a Long Line of Icons

Though often lauded as a “one-of-a-kind” truck, the Model 389 inherited its style and power from its predecessor, Model 379, which picked up the mantle in 1986 from its predecessor, Model 359, which first hit the highway in 1967. But as trail-blazing and instantly iconic as the Model 359 was upon its introduction, its stylistic DNA and dependable capability can be traced all the way back to the first Peterbilt trucks built in the 1930s and 40s.

The Look of a Legend

The Look of a Legend

Model 389 was the embodiment of Peterbilt’s “Pride and Elegance.” The long, low hood – the longest ever on a Peterbilt truck! Distinctive wrap-around crown. Large, triple-bar grille with rectangular mesh. Classic headlight pods. Huge chrome air cleaners with dual straps. Large, west coast-style mirrors. And those towering chrome exhaust stacks. Inside, there was rich luxury, comfort and wonderfully open sight lines through the wide windshield.

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The Peterbilt Model 389 is an iconic truck, known for its unmatched customization options. Drivers and fleet owners loved being able to tailor every aspect of the Model 389 to their specific needs and preferences. From sleek exterior finishes and vibrant paint colors to detailed interior trims, the options were endless. This level of customization not only enhanced the truck’s functionality and comfort but also allowed each owner to create a unique vehicle that reflected their individual style. The Peterbilt Model 389 wasn’t just a truck; it was a personalized powerhouse on wheels.

The Legacy Lives On

The Legacy Lives On

In May of 2023, Peterbilt hosted a legendary three-day reveal event at the Texas Motor Speedway to mark the end of the Model 389 era and reveal a brand-new model. A highlight of the event was the Pride and Class Truck Show featuring more than 200 beautifully customized Peterbilt 389 models from around the country. It was an emotional and fitting tribute to the icon.

And then, the latest heir to Peterbilt’s iconic, long-hooded, classically chromed style was revealed – the Peterbilt Model 589. This stunning new truck proudly carries the Model 389 esthetic into a new era of advanced technology, performance, efficiency and luxury. For classic truck connoisseurs, the Peterbilt legacy is indeed alive and well.

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