Peterbilt Wins Three Prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Council Awards

Peterbilt Wins Three Prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Council Awards - Hero image

Peterbilt Motors Company received three prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Awards from the National Association of Manufacturers in recognition of the Peterbilt Denton Plant’s leadership in manufacturing, safety and efficiency.

Peterbilt received an Operational Excellence Leadership award for its Offline Priority Dashboard initiative, which provides a real-time, on-demand source of information assisting the Operations team to better forecast, prioritize and distribute resources, such as parts and labor, in the most effective manner in offline recovery efforts, and to achieve the delivery goals to assist with supply chain recovery across our country. With this new innovative process, Peterbilt streamlined offline processes to deliver trucks to our customers in the most efficient manner.

An Engineering and Production Technology award for the Structural Fastening Equipment Modernization project that utilizes a fastening equipment hydraulic system featuring MiniBooster hydraulic pressure intensifiers that are simple, inexpensive, and with a parallel installation and modular mounting system changeable on the fly in the case of failure.

And the Transformative Culture award for Safety Program Improvements, with the addition of the Velocity EHS and DuPont STOP program improving the efficiency with immediate corrective actions and shifting the safety culture to the proactive mindset that every safety incident can be prevented

“Peterbilt has a strong culture of continuous improvement and it’s an honor for our team of highly-skilled employees to be recognized for their ongoing initiatives to optimize our manufacturing processes,” says Leon Handt, Peterbilt assistant general manager operations.

The Manufacturing Leadership Awards honor a wide range of leading companies throughout many industries and Peterbilt is honored to join the list of 2022 winners.

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