Peterbilt Unveils All-New PACCAR TX-8 Transmission

Peterbilt Unveils All-New PACCAR TX-8 Transmission - Hero image

Peterbilt Motors Company is excited to unveil today alongside the new Medium Duty Model 535, Model 536, Model 537 and Model 548, the all-new PACCAR TX-8 Automatic transmission and updated PACCAR PX engines.

Designed to be versatile, efficient and reliable, the new 8-speed PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission features the latest technology. It monitors changes in road grade, vehicle acceleration, torque demand, weight and engine load to keep the truck in the most fuel-efficient gear. Industry-leading shift performance delivers automotive-like shifting with up to 5% better fuel economy.

The PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission incorporates several industry exclusives. The first is the Auto Park Lock system, a safety feature that automatically engages the park lock should a driver forget. Next, a Twin Torsional Damper enables early 1st gear lock-up for smoother shifts and faster acceleration. Finally, the Mechatronic unit and Transmission Control Unit (TCU) are combined into one unit within the oil pan for ease of service.

Uptime and Total Cost of Ownership have been improved with the PACCAR TX-8 transmission through best-in-class fuel efficiency and the minimal maintenance required as a result of the new service friendly design which eliminates several integrated and external parts for a more streamlined design.

Peterbilt’s new family of medium duty trucks is equipped with PACCAR’s updated line of PX engines that will see longer oil and fuel filter service intervals and fuel economy improvements. The updated PX-9 also sees higher torque ratings in the 260, 350 and 360 horsepower versions as well as a lower torque drop-off speed.

In addition to the launch of the new PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission and updated PACCAR PX engines, existing PACCAR Powertrain components will be rebranded to align with the newest member of the family. All PACCAR transmissions will take on the TX designation with the 12-speed being renamed the TX-12. The PACCAR 40K drive axle will become the PACCAR DX-40 and the vocational 20K front steer axle becomes the FX-20.

“Our family of proprietary components is growing to deliver even more benefits for our customers,” said Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice president. “Future components will continue the trend of integrated efficiency and performance across more segments of the market.”

Peterbilt’s New Class of Medium Duty Trucks are available for order with the new PACCAR TX-8 transmission and updated PACCAR PX engines starting today with deliveries starting in July.

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