Peterbilt: Here For You

For over 80 years, Peterbilt has a strong heritage of being the class of the industry. Over that time, the customer has been and will continue to be at the center of everything we do as we design, engineer, build, sell and support our trucks.

At Peterbilt we pride ourselves in the relationships that we have forged over many years of doing business with our customers. Just as we are proud of the Red Oval, we are proud of our customers and the partnerships that we have. We want our customers to know as we go forward, we are here for you.

Quality is what Peterbilt products are known for, the Peterbilt brand was built on providing the most reliable products in the industry. Our employees take pride in delivering to the highest quality standards. And we want our customers to know we're here for you.

Our brand value is built upon delivering best-in-class products and delivering world-class service. Peterbilt service and customer care have never been stronger in our 80-year history. Peterbilt customers are customers for life. We work very hard to keep it that way. Should your truck need service, we are here for you.

At Peterbilt we see the drivers, operators, and owners of our trucks not just as customers, but as business partners. As business partners want our customers to know that our engineering team is here for you to make sure that we give you the best truck, the most efficient truck and most profitable truck for you and your business.

I'm confident that the most important thing that Peterbilt can do for you is to drive up time every day. At Peterbilt we are here for you, to deliver to these high standards now and into the future. Thank you. 

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