Here For You: Scott Newhouse Individualized Solutions

At Peterbilt, we work every day to provide our customers with the highest quality and most productive truck in the industry for their success. 

One of the ways we do that is to understand our customer’s operations and their needs so that we can provide them with the right products and technologies, and individualized solutions specific to their operations.

Because at Peterbilt, every engineering solution starts with a customer in mind and a customer need.

We spend time talking to our Customer Councils, talking to drivers, and visiting our customer’s operations to understand their business and their needs. Because the customer driver, operator, and technician are the best ones to tell us what our vehicles need to deliver.

We take those customer requirements and drive them into our designs and validation processes to ensure our final design is the highest quality and highest performing for our customer.

You can see our customer’s inputs throughout our product in the visibility, ease of operation, safety, and driver comfort. And one example is our Ultraloft sleeper.

We talked to over 400 drivers and operators to understand what their needs were, so that they could be the most productive while they were not in the driver’s seat. So they could get the best rest possible for the next day ahead.

We worked with them through the design concepts and revised those designs so the end product was the so that the sleeper environment for them.

We work with many customers to help them understand how new emerging technologies such as Electric Vehicles and Driver Assistance Systems can work into their operations. We do this through answering questions and even by work with customers to trial these technologies in their operation.

And as a custom truck design and manufacturer, we are focused on providing individualized solutions and services for you ON EVERY TRUCK YOU ORDER. Our Customer Engineering team, our Applications Engineering Team and our Order Processing Team are here and ready to support you to ensure your truck meets the needs of your unique business and operation.   

Whether it’s locating operator controls to work best within your operation, or providing wiring for specific operational systems that you added to the truck, or adding body connection features to reduce the time to get a truck into service,  or even developing new undercab fairing and fuel tank designs to allow you drive longer while maintaining the maneuverability you need in tight areas… We are Here For You.

At Peterbilt, we don’t see drivers, operators and owners of our trucks just as customers, we see them as business partners. And as business partners, our Engineering Team is Here For You to ensure your Peterbilt truck is the best, most efficient and most profitable equipment in your business to support your success! 

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