Here For You: Robert Woodall Pride & Class

Peterbilt has long been considered the class of the industry and we take great pride in that position. Peterbilt is an iconic brand that has a wide appeal to so many customers, and especially drivers. There is a pride of ownership that comes from owning and driving a Peterbilt truck.

As a Salesperson, the most important thing I can do is listen to the customer, understand their challenges and unique business needs. That starts with making yourself accessible. At Peterbilt, we pride ourselves on those customer relationships that we have forged over many years of doing business with each other. Now more than ever, it is important to be talking with our customers to see how we can best help them navigate the challenges ahead.

Over our 80-year history, customers both small and large have greatly contributed to our success. Ultimately, Peterbilt is successful when our customers are successful.

Our customers tell us they choose Peterbilt for three main reasons:

1. Peterbilt produces the highest quality products in the industry, and over time, our customers have come to expect this from Peterbilt.

2. There is no other brand in the industry that evokes the passion and pride that comes from owning and driving a Peterbilt truck. Peterbilt trucks help companies attract drivers. Peterbilt is the undisputed Drivers Truck of Choice!

3. The unmatched reliability and durability of a Peterbilt truck provides the highest resale values in the industry and the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Peterbilt’s excellent product lineup is the widest in the industry, and allows us to serve any customer, from the small owner operator whose grandfather owned a Peterbilt, to some of the largest, most sophisticated logistics companies in North America. No other OEM can match the breadth of products that Peterbilt offers.

Just as we are proud of the Red Oval, we are proud of our customers and value their partnership. We want our customers to know that we are here for you!

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