Here For You: Leon Handt Enduring Craftsmanship

Hello and welcome to the Peterbilt Denton, Texas factory. I am Leon Handt – Assistant General Manager of Peterbilt.

Peterbilt has been delivering the industry’s best products for over 80 years. Significant investments have been made to ensure we have the most advanced manufacturing facilities and continues to build at the highest quality level. 

This year represents the 40th Anniversary of the Denton plant. In the last 5 years, over $140M has been invested in the Denton plant to increase the capacity to build over 200 trucks per day in a flexible manufacturing facility. 

Peterbilt invested in a state of the art test facility to validate all trucks are ready for the demanding applications on the road and in the field. 

Quality is what Peterbilt products are known for. The Peterbilt brand was built on providing the most reliable products in the industry. 

Our employees are the most valuable asset we have. Building the best quality trucks requires teams of highly skilled employees focused on enduring craftsmanship.

To achieve these high levels of consistent quality, the Denton plant utilizes a Manufacturing Skills Center to train and develop our employees. Employees learn to be skilled truck builders with knowledge of all the tools and processes through hands on training. 

The Peterbilt product is the Pride and Class of the Industry. The Denton factory and its employees focus each day on achieving the highest quality standards. Our customers love to visit Denton and see their trucks being built and even driving their trucks off the end of the line.

Our employees take pride in delivering to the highest quality standards. We want our customers to know we are #HereForYou.

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