389X – A Celebration of the Heritage of Peterbilt Trucks

389X – A Celebration of the Heritage of Peterbilt Trucks - Hero image

What is the 389X?

On September 8th, we launched a limited-edition version of the iconic Model 389: The 389X. This truck was designed to celebrate the heritage of the traditional, long and tall truck that has been such an integral part of our brand. From the 359 to the 389, the 389X pays tribute to its predecessors by incorporating features that have been present in each while still having the ability to be customized by owners. We’ve also decked out the 389X with the traditional chrome that passionate Peterbilt enthusiasts love and cherish. What makes this model stand out are its new exterior elements, each truck’s unique badge number, and the 1,389 trucks that we build will continue to evolve as owners customize them.

The Heritage of Peterbilt

Our history has proved that Peterbilts can take on tough jobs and do them with class. The original model 359 became a success in part due to its ability to perform logging jobs that were in high demand back then. It paved the way for an era of trucks personalized for specific jobs, and that customization has become an integral part of our company’s history. Jacob White, Peterbilt’s Director of Product Marketing, said, “the [Model] 359 set the standard for what an American truck was and the possibilities of what it could be.” He said, “when we gave customers the ability to customize their truck, that set off the independent spirit of drivers, which continues today.” When kids think of trucks, when they draw trucks, they’re drawing the iconic features that have made Peterbilt the face of the trucking industry.

Unique Features of the 389X

The Model 389X is classic, but it’s also unique. One feature that stands out is the ambient lighting package. We added lighting elements to the air cleaners and rockers of the truck that give it a presence on the road that has never been seen before. Another aspect that stands out is the badging on the truck. Each truck will be numbered with each badge number representing the truck’s position in the build sequence of 1,389 units

The Most Iconic Feature

When asked what the most iconic feature on the 389X is, Jacob stated that he believes “the most iconic feature of this truck is the DNA it’s built on.” The traditional chrome look is something that stands out about our Model 389, so we built the 389X with more chrome than we’ve seen on any previous model. At its core, this model follows the long and tall Peterbilt platform with a palette for customization that customers crave.

The Future

Owner-operators and small fleets have contributed in large part to elevate the Model 389 to its iconic status, and we are dedicated to those customers. We will continue to deliver the best trucks on the road for diverse applications and premium individualization while staying true to the key characteristics of Peterbilt. As we look to the future, we are building on that heritage to deliver modern transportation solutions that, not only generate such loyalty and passion thanks to inspired styling and driver appeal, but also embrace a clean future with low- and zero-emissions powertrains and connectivity to maximize uptime and efficiency, all supported by the fastest-growing dealer network in North America. The best of Peterbilt is yet to come. Make sure to follow this space to stay in tune with us!

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